Shelly Duo smart LED bulb

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About the brand


Shelly is a technology company specialising in smart home automation solutions. Founded in Bulgaria, Shelly is renowned for its line of smart devices that allow users to control and monitor various aspects of their homes via mobile apps. Shelly's product line includes smart outlets, smart switches and sensors designed to make home automation affordable and accessible. The company's mission is to simplify and improve everyday life through IoT technology.


Bec LED inteligent Shelly Duo, Wi-Fi, GU10, 5W, 400 lm, lumina alba rece/calda, control aplicatie, compatibil Amazon Alexa si Google Assistant

Becul Shelly Duo – GU10 iti permite sa controlezi cat de intensa vrei sa fie lumina din camera si ce nuanta sa aiba (rece/alb-albastra sau calda/alba).

Alb si cu un aspect placut, se integeaza usor in orice design.

– Automatizeaza controlul casei tale inteligente folosind conexiunea la reteaua Wi-Fi;
– Reglare intre 2700K si 6500K (2700K: lumina calda/alba; 6500K: lumina rece/alb-albastra).
– Conector E27, se potriveste cu cele mai multe lampi si aparate de iluminat, protectie IP20;
– Putere: 9W, Intensitate: 800lm, alimentare: 110-230V +/- 10% 50Hz AC, durata de viata: 30.000 ore;
– Compatibil cu urmatoarele standarde UE: RE Directive 2014/53/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2004/108/WE, RoHS2 2011/65/UE;
– Control prin aplicatia mobila Shelly sau aplicatii compatibile;

– Hubitat Elevation;
– SmartThings: cloud-to-cloud, prin DTH sau MQTT SmartApp;
– MQTT: integreaza Shelly cu brokerul tau MQTT;
– Home Assistant si openHAB.


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