Shelly Plus Smart Relay 1PM

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About the brand


Shelly is a technology company specialising in smart home automation solutions. Founded in Bulgaria, Shelly is renowned for its line of smart devices that allow users to control and monitor various aspects of their homes via mobile apps. Shelly's product line includes smart outlets, smart switches and sensors designed to make home automation affordable and accessible. The company's mission is to simplify and improve everyday life through IoT technology.


Releu inteligent Shelly Plus 1PM este unul dintre cele mai mici comutatoare cu relee inteligente dotate cu WiFi din lume, cu funcție de contor de putere. Datorită dimensiunilor sale mici, se potrivește în perete sub priza sau într-un întrerupător de lumină standard.


Shelly PLUS 1PM este versiunea echipată cu contor de putere a lui Shelly 1. Acesta este unul dintre cele mai mici dispozitive cu sursă deschisă, cu acces WiFi, la circuitele de control inteligente. Datorită dimensiunilor sale mici, îl puteți încorpora în spatele unei prize de alimentare / întrerupător de lumină standard sau într-un dulap electric.

New and improved housing
The Shelly Plus line comes in a unified and improved form. The small size of the Plus Line devices allows you to easily mount them behind any wall switch or wall outlet and are fully retrofittable. Each Plus Line device comes with a wiring diagram printed on the housing to ensure safe and easy installation.



Enhanced safety: improved over-temperature protection with software thresholds for control and fault prevention
Extremely fast processor: for immediate order execution and notification
Operated via Wi-Fi: Connect the Shelly Plus 1 to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required
Bluetooth: Add devices quickly and easily via Bluetooth connection using the Shelly Cloud app
Improved API interface: wide range of cloud connections and local integrations with much lower integration costs
Enhanced security: MQTT and WSS support, TLS support and custom certificates for a wide range of use cases

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