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About the brand


Sonoff este un brand bine cunoscut pentru produsele inteligente pentru casă, oferind o varietate de întrerupătoare, prize și soluții IoT. Aceste dispozitive le permit utilizatorilor să controleze și să automatizeze iluminatul și aparatele electrocasnice din casa lor prin intermediul aplicațiilor pentru smartphone și al asistenților vocali, sporind confortul și eficiența energetică.



Smart home control panel (with Bluetooth Zigbee hub and eWeLink-Remote), with gray frame.

SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a compact size touch screen control panel released in Q1 2023, which supports the control of lighting, switches, heaters, sockets, almost all eWeLink smart devices.  NSPanel Pro is more than a wall-mounted touch tablet, as it also contains a Zigbee 3.0 bridge function compatible with the built-in eWeLink platform, so it can also be used as a Zigbee gateway. It is also compatible with Philips Hue Zigbee bulbs and IKEA Zigbee bulbs. Starting with firmware version 1.5.4, eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth hub) function is also added, so if we pair eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) wireless switches, we can switch other eWeLink devices with it.

It supports adding eWeLink cameras and displaying their live video feed, as well as intercom calls between two NSPanel Pros or intercom calls between NSPanel Pros installed in different rooms.

It is compatible with Home Assistant. With a firmware update in Q4 2023, it will also get Matter compatibility.

This is the gray frame version.

Sonoff NSPanel Pro, released in the first quarter of 2023, is a touch screen smart home control panel with built-in Zigbee + Bluetooth all-in-one smart home hub. Lighting, switches, heaters, plugs and sockets, almost all eWeLink smart devices can be controlled from it. Therefore, NSPanel Pro is not only a wall-mounted mini touch tablet, as it also contains a standard Zigbee 3.0 bridge function, but can also be used as a Zigbee gateway. Since firmware version v1.5.6, a Bluetooth hub function (eWeLink-Remote) has also arrived.

NSPanel Pro is available with a white and soft gray frame.

Main features of Sonoff NSPanel Pro:

Control panel for controlling eWeLink Wi-Fi devices

You can control smart home Wi-Fi devices (compatible with eWeLink app) from NSPanel PRO control panel from up to 3 screens of NSPanel Pro: you can see the on/off status and also turn them on/off from NSPanel Pro , or see the data and status of eWeLink sensors.

Control panel for eWeLink manual scenes

You can also set up a screen with your favorite (manually run) eWeLink Scenes, also used for group control of multiple devices. With one tap on NSPanel PRO, you can start the desired scene. For example, you can create „I’ve arrived home” and „I’ve left home” scenes to turn off the lights, or turn certain scenes off or on.

Built-in Zigbee gateway

The NSPanel PRO also includes an eWeLink platform compatible Zigbee bridge compatible with all standard eWeLink Zigbee 3.0 compatible sensors, switches, relays and sockets. Pairing Zigbee devices with NSPanel Pro can be started from either the NSPanel touch interface or the eWeLink app as usual. It is compatible not only with eWeLink Zigbee devices and standard Zigbee 3.0 devices from other manufacturers (of the type supported by the eWeLink app), but also with Philips Hue Zigbee bulbs and IKEA Zigbee bulbs.

Like Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro, the Zigbee bridge also supports three security modes: HOME, AWAY, SLEEP. The active mode can be set both in the eWeLink app (on the phone) and on the NSPanel Pro touch screen. You can set which sensors should be active in home / away / sleep modes, when the NSPanel PRO speaker gives a local audible alarm. For example, in HOME mode, only the Zigbee open sensor on the front door should alarm, in AWAY all motion sensors should also alarm, and in SLEEP mode, they should also alarm motion sensors in the living room and front room.

Bluetooth gateway

From firmware version v1.5.6, an eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) hub function has also been added to the device, so if you pair battery-operated eWeLink-Remote (Bluetooth) wireless switches (eg Sonoff R5 switch or module S-MATE) with NSPanel will act as a Bluetooth receiver and hub, allowing you to control other eWeLink WiFi devices via the cloud.

Displays the camera’s video stream


Compatibility, future upgrades

NSPanel Pro is a Home Assistant compatible device. With a firmware update in Q4 2023, it will also get Matter compatibility.

Other features:

alarm clock


current and 7-day weather forecast (city can be set)

adjustable volume

adjustable screen off time

adjustable wallpaper

Hardware features:

4.95″ TFT LCD screen with 480x480px resolution, multi-touch support

It supports 16.7 million colors

two-way audio support (microphone + speaker)

thanks to the built-in light sensor, automatic adjustment of the screen brightness is also possible

Cortex-A35 CPU with 4 cores

GPU Mali-G31



it can also be installed in a wall socket (phase+neutral is required for operation), but a table stand is also available

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