Refund and return policy

Refund and return policy

If you are not satisfied with a purchased product 100%, you can return it free of charge within 14 calendar days from the moment of delivery/return, benefit valid for products sold and shipped by Smart Infra. You will need to submit the return form no later than 14 calendar days from the date of delivery/pick-up.

Right of withdrawal:

The Buyer, as an individual, has the right to withdraw from the Contract, i.e. to return a Good or to cancel a Service, within 14 calendar days, without giving any reason and without incurring any costs other than delivery costs. Thus, according to GEO 34/2014, the period for returning a Good or renouncing a Service expires within 14 days from:

  • the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Good - if the Buyer places a single order for multiple Goods to be delivered separately,
  • the day on which the Buyer takes physical possession of the last Good or part - in the case of delivery of a product consisting of several lots or parts.

The 14-day right of return does not apply to corporate buyers.

Some products have a specific return policy, we recommend reading the conditions below.

General conditions for the return of products sold and shipped by Smart Infra:

  • The products you return must be in the same condition as you received them. Make sure that the product is not protected by passwords set by you and that you have deleted any accounts you have defined so that the product does not contain any personal data and can be returned to the original software.
  • The return must be made with the original labels intact, the original guarantee certificate (if issued by the manufacturer/distributor) and all documents with which the product was delivered.
  • The product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and accompanied by the accessories/boxes with which it was delivered.
  • If you have bought several products of the same kind and want to return them all, make sure you only one has been unsealed. Returns of other products are accepted only if they are sealed.
  • You can only return bulbs, flashlights, extension cords, sockets, lithium batteries, accumulators and chargers if they are sealed.
  • We do not accept products that have been subjected to unauthorised intervention, products that show signs of wear or excessive use, scratches, chips, dents, mechanical/electrical shocks, products with missing accessories.
  • Returns are not accepted if you have uninstalled operating systems or other software that existed upon delivery, if products have OEM licenses activated, or if you have uninstalled operating systems or other software that existed upon delivery.
  • Small appliances, if unsealed and tested by the customer, must be brought in clean for the return to be accepted.

In the form you have the option to choose to have the return picked up by the courier. You then select one of the return options: refund or voucher for a new order.

 Good to know if you choose the voucher return for a new order: The voucher is transferable and can be combined with other vouchers and gift cards;

  • The validity period is 24 months;
  • The voucher applies to products in the offer.
  • The voucher series is valid for one order only.

 ! Did you pay in full with a voucher, without paying a difference?

Reactivate the voucher and you can apply it. If the use period has expired, you will not be able to use it anymore.

 ! Did you pay in part with a voucher?

We will re-activate the voucher and refund the difference. If the use period has expired, you will no longer be able to use it.

 ! Good to know if you choose to get a refund on your purchase:

  • The money will be returned to the account you specified on the return form or to your card if you paid online;
  • The money will be visible in your account or on your card within 14 calendar days;

Each resealed product, regardless of category, is returned according to the specific conditions of that category.

Special order items (regardless of category) and gift cards are non-returnable.

Products purchased with vouchers / gift cards

Each product is returned according to the return conditions specific to the category to which it belongs.

Limitation of the right to free return within 14 days
SC Smart Infra SRL reserves the right to limit the service "Free return in 14 days" in case of repeated returns, regardless of the type of product returned.

The consumer will be informed by written notice, call or e-mail when misconduct is found.

Return request cancelled
If your return request has been cancelled, then the conditions mentioned in this article may not have been met.

If you know it didn't happen, please send us a message on chat or at