Ajax Wireless Alarm Hub

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Since 2004, KMW Systems has been a leading presence in the Romanian security systems market, being recognized for its customer-centric approach. With two decades of experience, the company specializes in tailoring comprehensive security solutions to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele, from small businesses to government entities.



Processor MRA
Operating system Malevich
GSM technology Microsim, 2G

Radio performance

Technology Owner, Jeweller
Distance Max. 2000m
Communication type Bidirectional
Frequencies 868.0-868.6 Mhz
Radio power 25 mW
Transmission encryption standard AES


Connected equipment Max. 100
Sensor cameras Max. 10
Users Max. 50
Incaperi Max. 50
Groups Max. 9
Video surveillance Max. 10
Dedicated applications Android, iOS
Query detectors 12-300s
Alarm response 0.15s


Communicator GSM, Ethernet
Notifications SMS, Call, Push


Main 110-240V
Backup Li-Ion, 2A
Backup operation Up to 15 hours


Operating temperature 5°C - 40°C
Relative humidity Max. 75%
Size 163 x 163 x 36mm
Weight 350g
Certification EN50131


Choose Hub from Ajax! It monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors, sends an alarm signal to the owner in just 0.15 seconds and can be easily installed and controlled directly from your phone.

The Ajax Hub Wireless Alarm Centre allows connection of 100 devices, 10 cameras, 50 users, 9 partitions and can operate offline for up to 15 hours. It features an ARM processor, Malevich OS operating system and is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.
The Hub communicates bi-directionally with all detectors over a distance of up to 2000 metres in open space. It has anti sabotage features (fraud protection, jam detection, tamper resistant) and connects to existing monitoring dispatchers (SEKA, Instant, etc) via AJAX Translate Software.

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