Wireless Geam Spart Ajax GlassProtect Detector

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About the brand


Since 2004, KMW Systems has been a leading presence in the Romanian security systems market, being recognized for its customer-centric approach. With two decades of experience, the company specializes in tailoring comprehensive security solutions to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele, from small businesses to government entities.



Technology microfon elecret
Detection distance max. 9m
Sensitivity 3 levels
Immunity objects 80cm
Anti sabotage Jam detection
Intrusion detection
False alarm detection

Radio performance

Technology Owner, Jeweller
Distance Max. 1200m
Communication type Bidirectional
Frequencies 868.0-868.6 Mhz
Radio power 20 mW
Transmission encryption standard AES
Query interval 12-300s
Alarm transmission 0.15s


Battery CR123A
Standby Up to 7 years


Operating temperature 5°C -40°C
Relative humidity Max. 75%
Size 20 x 90 mm
Weight 30g
Certification EN50131


Alege detector wireless geam spart Ajax GlassProtect pentru o protecție sporită! Acest detector wireless pentru geam spart, detectează evenimente la distanțe de până la 9 m și transmite alarma în doar 0.15 secunde. GlassProtect comunică bidirecțional cu Hub-ul pe o distanță de până la 1000 de metri în spațiu deschis. GlassProtect are funcții anti sabotaj (protecție împotriva fraudei, detectarea blocajelor, rezistent la modificări) și previne alarmele false.

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