Set Nuki Home Basic tastatura inteligenta si incuietoare inteligenta 4.0 Matter

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About the brand


Nuki is a technology company specialising in smart home access solutions. Founded in 2014 in Austria, Nuki has gained recognition for its innovative products designed to make everyday life more convenient and secure. The company's flagship product is the Nuki Smart Lock, which can be easily installed on existing door locks, turning them into keyless entry systems. Users can control and monitor their door locks via a smartphone app, allowing remote access and sharing of virtual keys with trusted people. Nuki's mission is to simplify access to homes and businesses, increasing both security and convenience in the process. Over the years, Nuki has expanded its product line to include other smart home devices, such as the Nuki Keypad and Nuki Opener, to create a comprehensive ecosystem for secure and convenient access control.


Cu Nuki Home Set, puteți deschide ușa de la intrare în mod convenabil cu ajutorul smartphone-ului sau al codului de intrare.

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